English for Human Resources Professionals

Boa Lingua Business Class 04.03.2019 bis 08.03.2019


This course provides HR professionals with the key English language skills they need in human resources and labour law. It includes practice in language appropriate for interviewing applicants for jobs, conducting appraisal interviews, participating in discussions on HR issues, travelling abroad for fact-finding visits and to conferences, receiving visitors, socialising, telephoning, understanding written materials and producing written English as well as awareness of cross-cultural issues. Formal and informal contexts are included. Participants will take part in simulated meetings, negotiations and interviews as well as discussions on a variety of work-related and general topics, including current affairs.


Montag, 04.03.2019 bis Freitag, 08.03.2019


Boa Lingua Business Class

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Boa Lingua Business Class

Gubelstrasse 15

6302 Zug

Tel. 041 726 86 96




The London School of English, London


Kosten in GBP. Mitglieder von HR Swiss erhalten 5% Rabatt auf die Kurskosten.